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If you have decided that you would like to have a walk in bath installed in your home to help yourself or a relative to stay independent for as long as possible, then you may be a little confused about everything that you need to think about. You might be concerned and wonder whether you have made the right choice. The fact is that there are lots of different types of walk in bath available, with many different design options. This article will give you some tips about exactly what you should be looking out for when you make your decision.

Think about your budget

The prices of walk in bathtubs vary quite a lot, and just because something costs more money doesn’t always mean that it would be the right choice for you. There is little point in assuming that the most costly option is the best for your needs, because that might not be the case at all. Instead, you should carefully consider the needs of the person who it is for, and choose the product that best fits these needs – while taking into account any reviews that you can read online, too.

Check the frame

Its important to think about the frame and how its made. Baths are made differently from company to company and the strenth and durability of the bath depends on the frame. The strongest frames are made from stainless steel and welded together. Many frames are just bolted together which over time could rust and move.

Check the seal

The seal on the door is an important part, as any kind of leak onto the bathroom floor could be dangerous. The best option would be to choose a product that has a lifetime guarantee that covers the seal, as this means that the company are confident that it will stand up to every test, and if anything should go wrong you are covered, and can get somebody out to come and fix it for you.

The size of the tub

Bathrooms are lots of different sizes, so you need to make sure that what you choose will fit in the space available. Remember that you or your relative will need plenty of room to get in and out of the tub, and this means that the fit can’t be too tight, as there needs to be ample space remaining to use the rest of the bathroom.

The door

You can often make a choice between either a door that opens in or one that opens out. While you may need an inward opening door if you are short on space, one that opens outwards can often be a lot easier in case you need to help your relative out if they are stuck for some reason – as they may be in the way of the door if it opens inwards and they are stuck in the tub. Also doors can be postioned either side of the bath, so depending on where the bath is going and where other bathroom furniture is will depend which side the door should be postioned on.

Added extras

As well as being able to buy a normal walk in bath, you can also add things like bubble massage options. If you know that your loved one or yourself suffers from stress and needs time to relax, this could be a great thing to add onto your bath for them. Our baths here at WIBTRA all are available as a Soaker, Air Hydro Spa, Water Whirlpool or the Dual which is a combination of air and water.

Drain speed

Because the tub has to be empty before the door can be opened, it is important that you have one that drains quickly, as this means that your relative won’t have to sit waiting for it for a long time – getting chilly in the process. If possible, ask for a demonstration so that you can see for yourself exactly how long it takes.

Choosing the right walk in bath is important, and it will make a huge difference to the life of the person you are buying it for. This means that it isn’t a decision that you should be taking lightly, and you should therefore take the time to make sure the tub has everything that you need from it before you make your final purchase.

Here are WIBTRAC we take this headache away. We have been manufacturing our baths and installing them for customers for nearly 30 years now. This means we know all the questions to ask and all the issues that may arrise. Our baths are the strongest and best on the market.  All our baths have a stainless steal frame, are welded together, and stronger in the body.  We add more layers of gelcoat to make it tougher and more durable.

You can come and see how baths at our modern warehouse in Telford Shropshire and test them out yourself.


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