Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms are bathrooms in which the shower is open or set behind a panel.  The floor area of the walk in shower is flush with the rest of the room, and water gets drained away from an outlet set under the shower floor area. The whole floor of the bathroom is waterproof. Often known as a ‘tanked’ room.  Our wet rooms and walk in showers are exceptionally strong.  They can accommodate a user with wheelchair and the carer too (up to 40 stone/254 kg bearing weight).


Benefits Include:

  • Level access to shower, so no shower tray to step over
  • Slip-resistant floor with fast draining
  • Choice of shower seats (wooden or padded) and
  • Grab bars and other accessories offer extra safety
  • Opens up your bathroom and creates a more attractive space
  • Offers flexibility as showers can be all shapes and sizes
  • Compatible with unfloor heating if required

WIBTRAC offer a number of wet rooms to suite all needs. We can also supply our Doc Pack.  Our Doc Pack is a range of accessories to assist in all aspects of the bathroom.  A raised toilet, toilet roll holder with grab rail, and general grab rails located where you need help the most.

Wet Room with Doc Pack

Westminster Wet Room with Doc Pack

Wet Room with Screen

Westminster Wet Room with Front and Side Screen

All the accessories that you see in the various wet-rooms on this page are available.  Customers can mix and choose to create the perfect bespoke wet room which meets your exact requirements.

Wet Room with Side Screen

Westminster Wet Room with Screen

Front Screen Wet Room

Westminster Wet Room with Front Screen

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Why Choose WIBTRAC?

WIBTRAC supply and install wet rooms to your exact needs and requirements. Some of the benefits of our well established wet room and walk in shower range:

  • All the accessories that you see in the various bathrooms across all images are also available. So any toilets, basins, seats, shower heads, cladding, flooring, towel rails, macerators are available to mix and match.
  • We can supply and install to your exact needs and requirements.
  • Will make excellent use of available space.
  • Wibtrac will create a full level access showering solution.
  • All our models are easily trimmed on site to enable fast and simple installation.
  • Guaranteed to be fully waterproof.
  • We also offer a large range that are ideal for wheelchair access with a variety of screen sizes and styles for added choice.
  • Superior strength and rigidity, ideal for fitting under the bath in multi-tenant dwellings.
  • Wide range of wall panels available.
  • The style you desire and the practically you need.
  • Suitable for all floor types, upstairs or down.
  • Style, luxury and accessibility for all the family.
  • Creates a full level access showering solution.
  • A wet room floor or a raised easy access low level shower tray installation with suitable slip resistant flooring provides excellent water integrity with comfort and safety underfoot.
  • Exceptional drainage.

WIBTRAC Lux Screens

Our WIBTRAC Lux Screens are the perfect accompaniment to your shower room. We offer both level access and surface mounted trays. Designed specifically for the mobility and domestic markets, offering practicality whilst remaining very stylish.

  • 180 degrees hinges enable doors to open both inwards and outwards.
  • Stronger and better designed seals for a continuous water barrier.
  • Contemporary partially framed glass design.
  • Coated glass looks clean for longer.
  • Thick safety glass therefore offering complete peace of mind.
  • Non-handed screen for right and left handed installations in some screen options.
  • Easy and therefore quick installation.
  • Suitable for installation on wet floors, formers and trays.
  • Full height screens as a result will compliment any elegant bathroom.
  • Half height screens give carer an easy access.
  • A stronger magnetic strip which consequently increases water retention.
  • Robust frames, as a result they have a longer life.
  • Stronger fittings which as a result provide better wear and tear.
  • PET panels give shatterproof glazing and added safety.
  • Smooth modern latches and D handles.
  • Stronger and better designed seals for a continuous water barrier.
  • Compatible with tiles and all types of non lip flooring.