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When you take a look at the stats available that show that more accidents involving seniors occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the home, it is clear that something needs to be done about it. If you have an elderly relative, then this could well be something that you spend a lot of time worrying about, and with this being the case you might be interested in having a walk-in bath tub. There are a lot of reasons that this can be a great choice to make, so we have put together a list of the main ones, which should help you to decide whether it would be a great choice for your needs.

Making bathing possible

If the only bath available in a property is a normal tub, then individuals with mobility issues may not be able to use it at all. This is because in order to get into the tub they would have to lift their leg to get in and out, and if this type of movement isn’t possible then a bath would be out of the question. For individuals in this kind of physical condition, the only options would be to wash at a sink, or to have assistance bathing – which isn’t always an option that people are comfortable with.

No slipping when getting in or out

A walk-in tub allows you to sit inside before the water starts to fill the tub, and the tub is empty before you get out. This means that there is little risk of slipping, as the tub wouldn’t be full of water at the points of entry and exit. This is something that can take away a large amount of worry from the bath time experience, as it means that the individual using the tub would be much safer.

Additional hydrotherapy benefits available

Most people understand that having a bath can be used as a way to relax, and because seniors can often become frustrated due to their changing mobility, this becomes even more important than ever before. Taking a bath in the first place can be a great way to relax, but a lot of walk-in tubs often have other benefits such as hydrotherapy jets, meaning that the time can be incredibly relaxing, and a positive experience. This is something that can help those struggling with the frustrations of dementia, too, and having that time to just enjoy being immersed in the water can be special.

The addition of a shower if needed

Some seniors have good and bad days with regards to mobility – and that’s okay. For this reason, you are able to choose a walk-in tub with a shower attachment, so that if you would prefer to take a shower on a certain day, this is an option, but if you would rather sit down and let the tub fill up around you then this is also possible. This means that there is greater control over the bathing experience, which can help to improve later life a lot.

Designed with you in mind

Many companies allow you to be a huge part of the design process with the tub that you select. This means that you can choose the features which will most benefit the individual using the tub, and brings with it a huge potential to improve the lives of seniors. When you think about how frustrating it can be to lose independence – no matter how gradually this may occur – it makes absolute sense to try anything possible to improve the situation, and there is no doubt that a walk-in tub can help in this way.

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