Oxford Walk in Bath Drawings

Oxford Walk in Bath Drawings – Refer to these measurements for actual dimensions

Deck Height – 1015mm
Width – 645mm
Length – 1320mm
Door Height – 850mm
Door Width – 450mm
Seat Height – 430mm~
Seat Width -370mm
Interior Depth – 920mm
Interior Width – 475mm
Floor – 560mm×390mm
Step Height – 160mm

oxford white walk in bath

Diagram below is generic measurements:

oxford drawings

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Baths Built to Last

Our bath frames are welded together, not bolted, as a bolted frame will move. All frames are all stainless steel and welded together. As a result the frames will not rust and will last a life time.

Other companies use a steel frame which is powder coated.  This is not sufficient as the rust eats into the bare metal on the inside.

When manufacturing baths we ensure they have 4 layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre used to build up the thickness of the whole body.  Thickening the main supporting areas around the corners also adds to the baths strength. 6 layers is applied in the floor area.

These extra steps taken in the manufacture of our baths add rigidity and longevity of the baths.

All the air jet and water jet holes are re-enforced and applied with a section of marine ply. The underside is glass-fibre and resin re-enforced.