Worcester Walk-in Bath Inside

Our Baths are Tougher, Stronger and Built to Last

At Wibtrac our baths are manufactured to the highest standard.  We go that extra mile to ensure baths are tougher, stronger and built to last.

The Frame

The most important part of any Walk in Bath is the actual frame.  Frames need to be welded together, not just bolted as a bolted frame will move.  The frame must be of substantial size and made using stainless steel.

Many companies use a steel frame which is powder coated, which we believe is insufficient.  Rust can eat into the bare metal on the inside, also the area where the spring washer is.

With a stainless steel frame rust will not appear and as a result will ensure the rigidity and longevity of the bath.

Bath Design

The design of the bath is the next most important aspect.

WIBTRAC uses 3 layers of high gloss Gelcoat, whereas most walk in baths only have one.

We also use 4 layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre to build up the thickness of the whole body. Again most of our competitor baths only use two layers which we believe is inadequate.

Thickening then the main supporting areas around the corners and around the back of the seat also adds to the strength.  We use 5 layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre in these areas and we use 6 layers in the floor area.

All the Air Jet and Water Jet holes are re-enforced and we apply a section of marine ply, glass-fibre and resin re-enforced to the underside of the base.

The photos show the stainless steel frame, fiberglass body, air manifold, jet attachment, Blower and Stainless Steel Plate and please note the general tidiness and attention to detail of the whole system.


Walk-in Bath Stainless Steel Handle and Jet Locations
Underside of Walk-in Bath
Walk-in-Bath Air Jet Attachments
Walk-in Bath Air System with Stainless Steel Frame

All models are all built to the very same high standard.

A full survey will only take 90 minutes and we can ascertain that your chosen model will fit and you are on your way to a luxurious bath.

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