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If you have a new walk in bath, the best way to keep it in pristine condition is little bit of maintenance.  A little bit of regular maintenance, ie cleaning will keep it nice and bacteria free.

Over time water and lime scale can build up. But if you clean it reguarliy then you shouldn’t see any mold or lime scale.  Here at WIBTRAC we tend to use Viakal.  Viakal is available in most supermarkets and stores with cleaning products.  It is excellent for removing hard water marks & dissolves limescale.  It also works brilliantly on glass and leaves a brilliant shine.

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You can use viakal on all the bath surface as well as the stainless steel taps.  It is a great products for stopping residue building up on and around taps.

If you prefer to make your own cleaning solutions, some of the old solutions are the best.  Vinegar works very well.  You could spray a solution of vinegar and water, let it soak for 10 minutes, then scrub away.

You should always open a window or use an extraction fan when running and having a bath to keep condensation at bay.  Condensation can be lethal in terms of making surfaces slippery, let alone what it does to your bathroom.  Lots of condensation will leave to mold.

Keep plug holes free from blockages

Blocked plug holes can be a real nuisance and without cleaning will smell badly over time.  You might think you don’t have much hair to clog up bath plug holes but just soap and water and dirt gunk over time can block drainage.  Prevention is better by using plug hole guards. Guards will catch hair and gunk and it forces you to clean the guard before using again.  Another suggestion is to regularly poor a solution down the plug hole to remove the build up of residue.  You can buy specialist cleaning products which you can poor down the hole but quite often they are just made up off house hold items like baking soda.  To do it yourself, fist pour boiling water down the plug hole.  Then a cup of baking soda, and then a cup of half boiling water and half vinegar.  Then leave it for a few minutes before finishing off with another full kettle of boiling water. There are products you can buy they are designed to poke down the plug hole to grab hold of the gunk.  They come as coils or springs which you can use again and again.

Dealing with condensation

Again prevention is key here.  Over time condensation can build up and soon you will have mould in the corners of your bathroom ceiling which will get worse over time. Your bathroom needs to be suitably ventilated to stop this happening.  A damp environment is what causes the mould in the first place.

Open windows when having a bath or ensuring a fan is running will keep the room ventilated.  Ensure the room is warm enough so opening windows won’t make you cold. You don’t want to create  a ‘sauna’ effect as that will cause condensation which is wet, slippery and dangerous.

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