Cambridge Bath Belt Lift

The most dangerous room in the home for senior citizens is the bathroom.  As we get older and our balance diminishes, getting in and out of the bath can be very dangerous.  Plus getting up from the laying position can be very difficult.  These problems are tricky for some elderly folk, but when you add slippery water into the equation, the bathroom becomes a serious cause for concern.

Luckily there is a whole industry dedicated to helping the elderly remain safe in their homes.  There are a number of ingenious solutions which will help those less confident with their mobility and sense of balance.

Grab rails are commonly installed in bathrooms but they can literally go anywhere in the home. They come in all sorts of sizes and colours. You can even get some with suction cups so they can be moved around the home and attached to walls without damaging them.  But for the most robust rails, fixed rails are better.

When elderly people reach a certain age, and this differs from person to person, a whole bathroom should be considered.  There are special toilets and basins which can be raised slightly to make use them easier.  You can also change your current shower to a walk in shower and have a shower stall installed so you can sit down to shower.

Walk in baths are another fantastic innovation which us here at wibrac have been manufacturing for a number of years. A walk in bath is huge blessing for people who find it impossible to climb over the edge of a standard bath tub. Walk-in baths come with a door on one side that opens to allow simple and safe entrance to the bath. The only disadvantage over a standard bath tub is the fact that the bath cannot be filled until you are inside it.  Nor can it be emptied until it has been drained of water. However, our walk-in baths have quick-draining efficiency which means that they will drain faster than a normal bath and they can be filled quicker also.  Plus you can have underfloor heating so the bathroom stays at a consistence temperature making the wait for filling and draining not an issue.

For those that still wish to have a long conventional sized bath our Cambridge walk in bath is the solution.  It can be used with a bath lift and grab rails to ensure you have complete assistance getting in and out of the bath.

If you are looking to improve the safety of your bathroom or the bathroom of an elderly relative, please get in touch.  We have been helping the elderly and disabled  to stay safe and independent for many years now. We also distribute our baths to the care industry and hospitals up and down the country. For domestic clients we find the every client is unique as every senior citizen has their own issues.  We have all the right questions to ask to ensure you get the bathroom that is suitable for the user.  Also we think about years to come and ensure the bathroom can grow with your growing needs.