Walk in bath and grab rail

When you are thinking about having a walk in bath added to your bathroom, you will probably have a lot of questions that need to be asked. One of the main ones is exactly where the bath will fit into your current bathroom, and what should be placed around it. This article will give you a few great tips that will help you to make sure the bath is everything you need it to be once it is fitted.

Decide if it will be “as well as” or “instead of”

If there are other people bathing in that bathroom, then they may not really want to have a sit in bath as their only option. If this is the case, then you may choose to have a smaller sit up bath for your elderly relative, as you may have space for this in addition to what you have in your bathroom already. If you have a shower currently and would like to have a larger bath for your relative then you will be able to add a shower over the bath, which you will use just like any other shower that you would have had in your bathroom. Of course, you always have the option of closing the door and running the bath as normal if you don’t need the walk in function, so a full sized bath could be a perfect replacement for your original one.

Have grab bars to hand

Just because the bath is walk in doesn’t mean that’s all your relative needs. If they need to get out of a wheelchair, for example, and transfer into a bath, it can be helpful to have some grab bars at strategic points so that they are able to get into the bath safely and comfortably. You should always make sure that you get these fitted professionally, as there is a huge risk of accidents if you don’t, and you may find that you are actually putting your loved one at further risk, rather than helping them as you might have been aiming to.

Make sure everything is within reach

Once your relative is in the bath, they should be able to reach everything that they need to enhance their bathing experience. This includes things such as shower gels and shampoos, and you should ensure that they are able to reach these without having to stand up or shuffle on their bath seat, as this is something that could put them at risk of injury. It can help to put yourself in their position and try using the bath as you would if you had reduced mobility. Any kind of movement that can be avoided should be.

Place a non slip mat by the door of the bath

When your loved one gets out of the bath, they will be stepping out with wet feet, and this means that you should put a mat onto the surface so that they won’t slip. Slipping is one of the key causes of injury in the elderly, and thanks to the fact that there is so much water in a bathroom environment there is an added risk here. Considering the fact that their balance may not be as good as it once was, any kind of mat that will help with this is something to think about.

No matter what style of bath you opt for, it is often a great choice, as it means that your loved one will be able to bathe themselves without having to rely on you. This is great for independence, and can certainly mean a lot to those who are in later life.

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