Full length bath with door

When you are looking after somebody who is elderly or disabled, you will always want to do everything that you can in order to make sure that they are safe at all times. This can often mean that you need to make some changes in their home, and with this in mind, you should think about the bathroom first, as statistics show that a lot of accidents can happen in this part of the home. With this in mind, we have put together a really helpful article to help you think about the changes you could make, and there is no doubt that this is something that could make a great difference in the life of your loved one in the long term.

Making your bath tub safer

Taking a bath is important, and something that most people will want to do on a daily basis. In addition to this, washing is something that many, no matter what their individual abilities, will want to be able to do on their own, and you can help this to be the case. It is a great idea to think about safety bathtubs for seniors, as having one of these tubs added to the bathroom could put your mind at ease a lot.

One thing that you should do at first is to make sure that the bottom of the tub has a mat which makes it less slippery, as this can help when it comes to avoiding falls. When you have had a bath, there may be soap at the bottom once the water has drained, and if your loved one struggles with balance this could be something that would cause an accident. A mat at the bottom of the bath is a really simple addition, but it is something that could reduce the likelihood of accidents by a huge amount.

Another thing that is vital is to make sure that there are grab bars around the tub. It can be difficult to stand up out of the bath for anyone, and it is even more difficult if you are elderly or disabled. Having grab bars in just the right place can make an incredible difference, as it gives the user the support that they need to stand up and remove themselves from the tub. It is important to make sure that the bars are in the right place, so it is a good idea to walk through taking a bath with your loved one so that you can take a look at where the bars would be best placed. This gives you the chance to be sure that they will be of the greatest possible benefit, and it is a step that is certainly worth taking.

Try a walk in bath tub

If your loved one struggles with raising their legs to get into a bath, then a bathtub with door for seniors could be a great option. This means that there is barely a step up into the tub at all, and your loved one will simply be able to step into the bath, and then let the water fill up around them. There are lots of benefits to doing this, but the main one is certainly that your loved one will not be at risk of stretching themselves too far when trying to get into a regular bath tub.

In addition to this, if you have a walk in bath tub, there will also be a seat that your loved one can use while taking a bath. This can help a lot to avoid fatigue when bathing, which can often be a big problem, and it also means that there is a much lesser chance of slipping. If you decide to install a tub with a seat, make sure that everything is in reach for your loved one, such as soap and shampoo, so that they do not need to stretch out of their seat when taking a bath. This can help to stop them from falling from the seat, which could be a problem in other cases.

If you would prefer a shower to a bath

Not everyone likes to take a bath, but the good thing is that there are showers for seniors that are absolutely suitable for your needs. The best thing to do in this respect is to have a wet room area of your bathroom, which means that there is no step into your shower at all. This is something that can make things much easier, and you can even take a wheelchair into this kind of shower if you like. If you would prefer to sit on a different chair, a walk in shower could make it a lot easier to transfer to another chair while you wash.

Similar to the bath tub, you should always ensure that everything is in easy reach if you decide to have a shower with a seat. This will mean moving any shelves to a lower level that might hold shower gel or shampoo, so that your loved one does not have to try and stand each time they need to reach something. Also, a selection of grab bars can be very helpful in this situation, as they can help your loved one to remain steady while showering, and also it can mean that they are free to stand up if they wish to.

Overall, when you are trying to make a positive change to your bathroom in order to make it more suitable for a loved one, there are many options that you can take, and also many things that you will need to take into consideration. The best thing to do is to put yourself in the position of your loved one, and imagine that you had to use the bathroom for yourself. Doing this should help you to identify any potential issues that could arise for them along the way, and thanks to the tips in the above article, you will find that it is absolutely possible to design a bathroom that they are able to use safely.