walk in bathtubs for seniors

For older adults and persons with disability, the bathroom can be a pretty tricky place to manoeuvre. From slippery floors to limited space, a bathroom is a place with an increased risk of trips and falls. However, fret not! Making a few changes can minimize all these risks.

Want to know how? Read on:

1. Install Walk in Bathtub

For older adults and people with mobility issues, getting in and out of the ordinary bathtub can be very difficult. They might slip and fall. Walk in bathtub is an easy solution to avoid all these problems. Walk-in bathtub for seniors comes with a comfortable seat and hand held shower, making bathing a pleasurable and safe activity. The walk in bathtub has a lower threshold, so moving in and out of it is not an issue. Walk in tubs for seniors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. If you want to check walk in tubs for seniors prices, you can go through our products at http://www.wibtrac.co.uk/

2. Grab-bars

Install grab rails next to the shower and toilet. This helps the seniors with rising and sitting. Don’t even think of making your towel racks do double duty as grab-bars as it’s not designed to hold weight.

3. A hand-held shower head

With a hand-held shower head, it’s easy for the older adults to clean themselves with ease. They no longer need to moves themselves, thus minimising the risk of fall. Look for one with a slid rail to adjust the shower head height easily.

4. Shower Bench

If you do not have a walk in bathtub, then consider installing a shower bench for the elderly family member(s). They can sit comfortably on them while taking a shower. This makes bathing a less tiring and safe activity. Get one with a rubber tip to avoid slipping.

5. Slip-resistant Bath Mat or rugs

It’s best not to keep any mats in the bathroom. If you want to keep one, then get a rug or mat with slip-resistant backing. When buying one, select one with a low pile so that the elderly family members do not have a problem in passing over them without getting caught.

6. Improve visibility

Install adequate lights and night lights to increase the visibility levels in your bathroom especially during the night. This reduces the chance of falls, prevents running into objects, and injuries.

Try these tips today and improve the safety of your bathroom.