Oxford Whirlpool Walk-in Bath

Want to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation to soak in after a hectic day at work? If yes, then here are a few design and decor inspirations to spruce up your personal space:

1. Get a Walk-in Shower

Oxford Walk-in Bath

Walk-in showers are a rage for any modern bathroom. It’s easy to access, convenient to use, fits any bathroom and is easy to clean. This is also a good option for the elderly. Yu can check Oxford walk-in bath by Wibtrac. It is ideal for elderly, children, and disabled. If you still think why to choose Oxford walk in bath over others then check a few benefits:

It is constructed using highest grade fibreglass and is highly durability.

It has a stainless steel frame that makes it long lasting

It has adjustable door handle

It comes with a built-in grab handle

It has the lowest entry step compared to any other available product in the market.

What’s more? It comes with a whirlpool system and keeps the water temperature consistent. Check more details of Oxford walk in bath at http://www.wibtrac.co.uk/oxford-walk-in-bath/

2. Install faux wooden tiles

Wood is well-known for adding warmth to any space; however, wood is not an ideal material for damp areas like bathroom floor. But you can still evoke the same sense of warmth by installing faux wooden floor (in porcelain or ceramic). This brings in a spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

3. Cut clutter

Clutter can make any space appear chaotic and can add to your stress. Eliminating clutter is one of the most important steps in turning your bathroom into a sanctuary. Keep the toiletries hidden. For that, install enough storage space. Get rid of the old toiletries and anything that you are not using.

4. Get a soaking tub

Want to give your bathroom an exotic facelift? If yes, then install a soaking tub. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can get scale-down tubs that will fit any space easily. Get a Japanese-style small soaking tub. It’s deep enough to let you soak yourself neck down.

5. Try aromatherapy

Scents instantly bring in the sense of peace, calm, and relaxation. And there is nothing better than walking into a bathroom that smells like heaven. Keep aromatic diffuser ins your bathroom. Use natural essential oils. This cuts out any unwanted odours from your bathroom and gives you an intimate space that smells great.

6. Keep a few glowing candles

Place small jar candles on the counter-top and a few candle tins around the bathtub. Turn off the overhead lights. This is the best way to evoke a spa-like feeling in your bathroom. You can also mix and match large and small pillars of candles or try placing a few scented candles.

With these simple tips, you can easily give your bathroom a chic and quick makeover and turn it into a sanctuary of peace.