Step in Baths with Doors

WIBTRAC’s step in baths with doors are currently the best step in baths on the market.  The reason we can confidently say this is because we constructed each of them using the latest technology and materials.

By using the highest grade fibreglass composites and using only welded stainless steel frames, we can confidently say our baths are built to last. We only use fibreglass for the same reason manufacturers of yachts, sailing boats, trains and planes use it.  All our baths with doors come with adjustable feet for easy installation and levelling.

Customers are welcome to come and view our baths at held at our modern UK warehouse in Telford Shropshire.

Full length bath with door

Cambridge Walk in Bath

The Cambridge bath is a full length bath available at either 1500mm or 1700mm long, but can be cut down to 1650mm if required. You can choose to have the bath door at either side of the bath. The bath with door comes with fully adjustable freestanding legs. It can be adaptable to most bathrooms and it is the lowest entry step for a bath with door on the market.
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Westminster Walk in Bathtub

Westminster Bath

Our Westminster bath with a door has a comfortable contoured built in seat built in. The seat height is 431mm and the width of the seat is 530mm. You can combine the air and hydro system to make a dual system. It has a stainless steel frame and a heavy duty reinforced door system. A great all round bath for those struggling to get in and out of a conventional bath. Comes in white or biscuit but also colours to match your existing suite are also available.
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Worcester Step In Bathtub

Worcester Bath

The Worcester bath with a door is ideal for the elderly, disabled or those who struggle accessing normal baths. It is the only bath with door that allows easy access wheelchair transfer. It is 30 inches wide and 52 inches long and is a huge seller in care homes and residential properties that have had door widths increased to 30 inches.
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York walk in bathtub for seniors

York Bath

The York walk in bath is 3 inches higher than any similar style bath. The York bath’s door has a strategically designed for easy access and has an ultra low entry threshold. The York range has the Wibtrac® built-in, contoured, chair-height seat for safe bathing. This walk in bath also has a foot operated pop up aaste, so you do not have to bend down to insert the plug.
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Monoco Step in Bathtub

Monaco Bath

The Monaco Bath can have the door either on the left or right site. Like all our baths it’s built to last with a stainless steel frame and is reinforced with fibreglass resin coated with a high gloss triple gel coat finish. It can take up to 50 gallons of water and has an overflow protective drain. The textured bottom and built in grab rail make it safe and slip proof.
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oxford walk in bathtub

Oxford Bath

Our Oxford bath is one of our best sellers. It comes as standard with a stainless steel frame and has a high gloss triple gel coat finish. Allows 40 gallons of water, and built in grab bar and textured bottom for safety. Like all our baths if you combine the air and hydro you get a full dual system. The bath door can be situated on either the left or right had side.
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