Level Access Shower

Want to modernise your bathroom? If yes, then check these design trends to give your bathroom a stylish and chic makeover:

1. Install Walk-in baths with showers

Walk-in baths and showers are stylish, elegant and increase the functionality of your bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, having a walk-in bath and shower delivers a modern appeal. This is the most creative and efficient way of utilising the bathroom space. You can get a Worcester Walk-in Bath from Wibtrac to give your bathroom a modern spa-like feeling or a convenient York Walk-in bath. You can check more options at http://www.wibtrac.co.uk/walk-in-baths/

2. Change the tiles

The best way to upgrade the design of your bathroom is by replacing the boring tiles. If you want to add colour pops in your bathroom, then add colourful tiles. If you want to keep it classic, go for vintage blue tiles. To add interest to it, place an unexpected bright-coloured tile. This looks playful and delightful.

3. Get Vanity Mirrors

Replacing the old mirrors for a new and stylish one will instantly jazz up your bathroom. This is the best way to give your bathroom a trendy makeover. Ditch the square ones and go for round mirrors with attractive designs. The rounded edges soften the hard lines of your bathroom, and also, it looks good on the wall. Place it right above the rectangular vanity to create a statement.

4. Add a touch of Green

How about getting a few shower plants? If you love the bohemian and natural look, then hanging one or two shower plants will bring colour-pop to your bathroom. However, get the right ones.

5. Add a Double Vanity

Storage is an important aspect of giving a neat and clean look to your personal space. If you have space in your bathroom, add a double vanity. A vanity with multiple drawers helps keep the toiletries concealed and also keeps clutter at bay.

6. Choose subtle colours

Bathroom with neutral colours evokes a sense of relaxation. From tile designs to floor and ceiling colours, use neutral tones such as beige or ivory. This gives your bathroom a squeaky clean look.

7. Bring in Industrial elements

Add a rustic touch to your bathroom by introducing industrial elements in your bathroom. You can install copper pipes and metal knobs. This is an excellent way to add texture to your bathroom. You can also achieve the industrial look by introducing elements such a worn wood and exposed bricks.

8. Jazz up the Lights

If you want to amp up the ambience of your bathroom, then install a chandelier. You can event do that by adding backlighting around the mirror. This won’t be a functional light, but it will provide a warm and soft lighting to create the right mood for relaxation.

Try these ideas today and transform your bathroom into a place that oozes luxury and elegance.